2022 Swannanoa Gathering Online Pre-Registration

The deadline for pre-registration is 5:00 PM EST on February 7, 2022.

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Those who held funds over from the 2020 and/or 2021 seasons have been sent an email to confirm your automatic pre-registration. Those folks should NOT re-submit this form. 

If you were accepted into our Work Exchange program for 2020 and plan to accept the same role this year, you do not need to submit this form. We will be in touch in January. 

While it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get all the classes you want, pre-registration definitely gives you the best chance at doing so!

Every registrant (student, non-student and children’s program) must pay a deposit in order to pre-register or register. The deposits are $100 per student per week, $50 per non-student per week and $25 per children’s program registrant for each applicable week.

A pre-registration deposit will allow you early access to register for classes before registration is open to the public in March.

*Please be sure to use a unique e-mail address for each student.

*For Housing, you do not select/list roommate names or housing requests at this time. You are just indicating whether you will be rooming in a single or with a roommate, as we need to look at housing needs/#s in advance. When you submit your full registration/class selections, you will indicate roommate names there.

Items in bold are required fields. Please fill out all sections of the form.

Student Information:

I'm pre-registering as:  

People Accompanying Information:

Non-Student refers to anyone, over the age of 12, attending in the company of a registered Swannanoa Gathering student (class participant) but not taking classes themselves.
in the Children's Program (Traditional Song, Celtic & Old-Time weeks only)

Note On Children's Program Ages: To be eligible to register for the Children's Program, your child must be between 6 and 12 years of age and have turned 6 by July 1, 2019. No exceptions, please.

Program Information:

Please Register Me For:

Note: If you are registering as a student and planning on bringing a non-student or children in the children's program, your selected weeks will also apply to them in calculating your total deposit. If you are only planning on bringing others with you for some of those weeks, please fill this form out for each week you're pre-registering for.

Housing Information:


Payment Information:

Total Deposit Required: $0.00

Payment Instructions:

Before continuing to the form, please read these instructions carefully.

When you click the ‘Continue to Payment’ button below, you will be redirected to Warren Wilson College’s payment form for the Swannanoa Gathering. Once you’ve clicked ‘Continue to Payment’, please do not click your web browser’s ‘Back’ button.

Please print your registration information, or write down the following:

  • Name of the first/primary guest
  • Total payment amount due

Once you have been redirected to the payment form, you will need to enter this information in addition to your credit card or eCheck details.

If you do not receive a receipt to the email you enter on the payment form, or if you experience any problems with the form, please contact:

Swannanoa Gathering Office
gathering@warren-wilson.edu / 828-298-3434