2023 Covid-19 Safety Protocols

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges to the safe presentation of in-person gatherings of all types.
For this summer, our safety protocols will be guided by the recommendations of the national Centers for Disease Control (CDC).|
We anticipate that these measures will continue to evolve in response to the progress of the virus, but as of this writing:

Everyone (6 months old and older) must have had at least 1 bivalent booster/shot.
All vaccines/boosters needed to fulfill the requirement must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the week you are attending.
All 2023 participants/attendees must submit documentation of at least one Covid-19 bivalent vaccine/booster, at least two weeks before arriving on campus*.
A clear photo or copy of your vaccine card and photo ID can be emailed or can be texted to our office # (828) 298-3434
* –  6 months – 4 yrs old:   At least 2 vaccine doses in total including at least 1 bivalent dose

   –  5 yrs old: Moderna: at least 2 doses, including at least 1 bivalent; Pfizer: at least 1 bivalent

NOTE: Due to the nature of our program, we do not accommodate exceptions to this vaccine policy.

If you will not have had at least 1 bivalent covid-19 shot/booster, we hope you can attend in a future season.

  • We encourage those 65+ years of age, if it’s been at least 4 months since your first bivalent booster/shot, to get a 2nd bivalent booster. (2 months for immunocompromised)
  • We recommend that folks tighten their exposure circle in the days before camp to limit the chance of exposure.
  • We encourage you to wear a mask while at airports and while at lower altitudes on the plane.
  • We encourage all attendees to take 2 Covid-19 home tests, 48 hours apart, before arrival, and to bring test kits with you to camp.
  • If you test positive or come in close contact with a Covid-19 positive person before traveling to the Swannanoa Gathering, do not attend. Contact our office with any questions.
  • Masks are optional while on campus, but encouraged for those wanting or needing to take additional precautions.
    Consider wearing a mask in crowded or poorly ventilated indoor areas.
  • As much as the weather and our facilities allow, we will schedule events in outdoor spaces, including our tents and pavilions, and large rooms whenever available.
  • We encourage all attendees to remain on campus for the entire week, among those whose vaccination status has been documented and confirmed by us, so please bring everything you think you will need for the week. If you do go off campus, please be considerate of your SG family and practice discretion and precautions.
  • If you test positive for Covid-19 during your participation, we ask that you contact our office (or our Dorm Host if after 6 PM) and make arrangements to leave campus. Our staff can discuss further with you at the time. If you develop symptoms after known exposure to a covid-positive person, we also ask that you leave campus.
  • If you develop symptoms, but have no known Covid-19 exposure or positive test, we ask that you wear a well-fitted K-N95 or N95 mask while indoors with others or when close to others outside. Please follow CDC guidelines on testing. Please contact our office with questions.

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