How to Select Classes/Register


We recommend that your browser and computer’s operating system are up-to-date.
We recommend Google Chrome as a browser.
Using a phone or a tablet can successfully work, but we recommend a computer.

Test your user login in advance. There is a reset password option, if needed.


Step 1: Login to our website (

Step 2: Use the link on the Registration Information page


If one of the Class Sign-Up form links doesn’t work, try refreshing your browser!

Click on your highest priority week first (you will have to do this for each week that you plan to attend).


Notice that we have updated the attendee contact list from an “Opt out” to a Yes/No question.
Notice that we added a question about SMS/text messages.







If you don’t see the “Process Early Registration” button, your issue is most likely your web browser.

You should then receive a confirmation email.

NOW your website User Page should show you registered, with your classes. 

Email us about any changes that you want to make to your submitted registration.