About SGOnline



May 10, 2021  

REGISTRATION FOR SGONLINE IS NOW OPEN. Click ‘Register‘ in the horizontal navbar above.


March 9, 2021  

The SGOnline catalog pages have now been uploaded to the website. You can visit each program’s page through the drop-down menu under ‘Our Programs’ in the horizontal navbar. General registration will open once all of the pre-registrants have been processed. Keep checking the Registration page for updates.


March 9, 2021  

Our Downloads and Work Exchange pages have now been updated for 2021.


March 7, 2021  

Our Fees page has now been updated for 2021. It’s the first page using SGOnline’s new color scheme. If you’re not seeing the new color scheme & logo, try a ‘hard refresh’ in your browser. Here are the key combinations for various browsers & operating systems. If you don’t see yours, google ‘hard refresh’ for your system.

– Ctrl+Shift+R (Chrome, Firefox, IE)
– Ctrl+F5 (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera)
– Ctrl+Reload button (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera)

– Cmd+Shift+R (Chrome, Firefox)
– Cmd+Option+R (Safari, Opera)
– Shift+Reload button  (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)


March 5, 2021

SGOnline has a new look! Virtual classes are a new program of the Swannanoa Gathering, so we thought they should have their own logo and a new color scheme which you can see on this page. All pages specific to SGOnline will have this look so you’ll always know you’re looking at information pertaining to our 2021 event. Watch for new pages as we continue SGOnline’s development.


February 25, 2021  

As we here at Warren Wilson College monitored the course of the Covid pandemic over the last ten months, it became increasingly apparent that we will not be able to resume our usual in-person workshops safely until the Covid threat is eliminated.

In order for that to happen, hundreds of millions of doses of an effective vaccine need to be generated and then, since our attendees come from all over North America and 26 foreign countries, those doses would need to be distributed worldwide. Next, everyone would need to receive the vaccine (by no means a certainty) and the total number of Covid cases would have to plummet to a statistically insignificant number.

For planning an in-person Gathering next summer, all of these conditions would have to be met by the beginning of March.

Most public health officials are looking toward August as a best-case scenario for when enough people might get vaccinated to produce ‘herd immunity’, and late-fall/early-winter of 2021 for when we might be completely out of the woods and finally able to abandon our masks and social distancing.

The Swannanoa Gathering experience consists of two equally essential components: musical instruction and musical community. Until we can sit beside each other again, playing and singing together an old favorite tune ‘knee to knee’, that community will not be possible – and neither will The Swannanoa Gathering.

So, for 2021, we’re announcing a reduced-tuition virtual version of the instructional component of our workshops as an alternative: SGOnline, a new program of The Swannanoa Gathering.

Here’s an overview of how it will work:

– Each week begins with an online Orientation on Sunday evening.
– All classes will be live-streamed at their usual times, Mon. through Fri., as printed in our catalog.
– Classes will be reduced from 75 min. to 60 min. this year to help reduce ‘zoom fatigue’.
– Students will be allowed to take a class in each class period as usual.
– Class sessions will be available for review by students for an extended period after the workshops.
– There will be instructor-led virtual ‘sessions’ each evening for students to share music and socialize.
– The week’s events will end with a Staff Concert Friday evening.

All those already pre-registered for 2021 have been sent an email announcing SGOnline. If you are a 2021 pre-registrant and have not seen this email from us, please check your spam folder before reaching out.