News Updates

January 19, 2023

Work Exchange Crew and Youth Scholarship Applications are now posted.
Please see the individual website pages for more information.

January 7, 2023

We note with sorrow the passing of long-time Guitar Week instructor and legendary bluesman Steve James. Read Acoustic Guitar’s remembrance of Steve here.


December 19, 2022

We are hiring admin team members for the 2023 Swannanoa Gathering. Please click here for more information.


December 17, 2022

Our fall Newsletter has been mailed to our mailing list and the Newsletter pages on our website have been updated for the 2023 workshops. Pre-registration is now open. To pre-register, click on ‘Register’ in the menu bar above or simply go here.

In accordance with the CDC’s safety guidelines, we will require that all attendees – students, staff and instructors – of the Swannanoa Gathering provide documentation that they have been fully vaccinated and boosted against the COVID-19 virus, verified with a photo ID.


December 17, 2022

Here’s the current list of instructors for the 2023 workshops:

Fiddle Week
Casey Driessen
Evan Price
Darol Anger
Joe Craven
Andrew Finn Magill
Jenna Moynihan
Greg Ruby
Sara Caswell
Katie Glassman
Liz Knowles
Dirk Powell
Kevin Kehrberg

Mando & Banjo Week
Mike Marshall
Alan Bibey
John Reischman
Paul Brown
Caterina Lichtenberg
Bill Evans
Terri McMurray
Don Stiernberg
Casey Campbell
Matt Flinner
Radim Zenkl
Joe K. Walsh
Conor Hearn
Ed Dodson
Lynn Dudenbostel

Traditional Song Week
Cathie Ryan
Saro Lynch-Thomason
John Roberts
Matt Watroba
Chris Koldeway
Josh Goforth
David Jones
Sheila Kay Adams
Sam Gleaves
Wade Fernandez
Shirley Smith
Pamela English
Kay Justice

Celtic Week
Gerry O’Connor
Brian Conway
Liz Carroll
Kathleen Conneely
John Doyle
Cillian Vallely
Andrew Finn Magill
Kevin Crawford
Dave Curley
John Whelan
Seán Gavin
Alasdair White
Jenna Moynihan
Máirtín de Cógáin
Gráinne Hambly
Billy Jackson
Nuala Kennedy
Robin Bullock
Mari Black
Martin Howley
Anna Colliton
John Skelton
Will MacMorran
Eamon O’Leary
Cathie Ryan
Kiana June Weber
Ed Miller

Old-Time Week
Erynn Marshall
April Verch
Ben Nelson
Eddie Bond
Lightnin’ Wells
Cary Fridley
Elizabeth LaPrelle
Tyler Hughes
Gordy Hinners
Adam Tanner
Phil Jamison
Ron Pen
Alice Gerrard
Kari Sickenberger
Vollie McKenzie
Ellie Grace
Jake Blount
Beverly Smith
Jane Rothfield
Travis Stuart
Phyllis Gaskins
Hubby Jenkins
Becky Hill
Cary Moskovitz
Emily Schaad

Contemporary Folk Week
Dar Williams
Tom Paxton
Jim Lauderdale
Ellis Paul
John Gorka
David Wilcox
Laurie MacAllister
Joe Craven
Cliff Eberhardt
Vance Gilbert
Nora Jane Struthers
Greg Greenway
Moira Smiley

Guitar Week
Clive Carroll
Grant Gordy
Greg Ruby
Cory Seznec
Christie Lenée
Cesar Garabini
Lisa Liu
Danny Knicely
Mary Flower
Toby Walker
Robin Bullock
Ed Dodson
Jamie Stillway
Sean McGowan
Tony McManus