News Updates

June 21, 2024

Shannon Dunne will not be able to join us for Celtic Week. Her dance classes will be taught by Danielle Enblom.


June 18, 2024

Public Concerts return with selected shows in several Program Weeks.


June 7, 2024

Rachel Eddy will not be attending Mando & Banjo Week. Their banjo classes will be taught by Laura Boosinger.


June 3, 2024

Jim Magill will be stepping down as Director after this summer’s workshops and moving into a new role as Director Emeritus for an additional year.  Kevin Kehrberg has been appointed the Gathering’s new Director.


May 5, 2024

Ellie Grace will not be able to join us for Old-Time Week. Her Harmony Singing class will be taught by Laura Boosinger and her Clogging II class will be taught by Phil Jamison.


March 3, 2024

The corrected version of our 2024 catalog is now online!



February 22, 2024

Both the hardcopy and .pdf versions of our catalog contain the following errors.

Tony McManus’s Intro to Celtic Guitar class is not in the schedule. It will run from 10:45- 12:00.

– Greg Ruby’s Swing Ensemble class runs from 9:00-10:15 as shown in the Fiddle Week schedule and NOT 1:15-2:30 as shown in the Mando & Banjo Week schedule.

When the online version of the catalog is uploaded it will have the corrected schedules.


January 22, 2024

Pre-registration for the 2024 season is open through Feb. 5 at 11 PM EST.


November 28, 2023

Everyone on our mailing list will soon be receiving a digital copy of our fall newsletter. Those who requested a hardcopy will also receive the newsletter by mail.


November 28, 2023

Here’s the list of instructors who have confirmed for the 2024 workshops. The list will be updated as the final staff slots are filled.

Fiddle Week
Evan Price
Joe Craven
Andrew Finn Magill
Liz Knowles
Greg Ruby
Sara Caswell
Katie Glassman
Emma McDowell
Libby Weitnauer
Natalya Weinstein
Kevin Kehrberg

Mando & Banjo Week
Mike Marshall
Alan Bibey
John Reischman
Matt Brown
Caterina Lichtenberg
Bill Evans
Rachel Eddy
David Benedict
Casey Campbell
Matt Flinner
Emory Lester
Joe K. Walsh
Alan Murray
Ed Dodson
Lynn Dudenbostel

Traditional Song Week
Cathie Ryan
Saro Lynch-Thomason
Susan Cattaneo
Matt Watroba
Chris Koldewey
Josh Goforth
Reggie Harris
Sam Gleaves
Rev. Robert Jones
Shirley Smith
Pamela English
Kay Justice

Celtic Week
Colin Farrell
Brian Conway
Liz Knowles
Kathleen Conneely
John Doyle
Cillian Vallely
Andrew Finn Magill
Kevin Crawford
Dave Curley
Josh Dukes
Seán Gavin
Caitlin Warbelow
Jenna Moynihan
Gráinne Hambly
Billy Jackson
Nuala Kennedy
Robin Bullock
Mari Black
Shane Farrell
Anna Colliton
John Skelton
Will MacMorran
Eamon O’Leary
Cathie Ryan
Allan Carr
Shannon Dunne


Old-Time Week
Erynn Marshall
Phil Jamison
Ron Pen
Rhys Jones,
Rodney Sutton
John Hollandsworth
Tessa McCoy
Chance McCoy
AJ Srubas
Rina Rossi,
Earl White
Gordy Hinners
Ellie Grace
Reed Stutz
Kelli Jones
Chas Justice
Ben Nelson
Gina Dilg
Meredith McIntosh
John Herrmann
Cary Moskovitz
Mark Olitsky
Cary Fridley
Aaron O’Rourke
Carl Jones
Jackie Merritt

Contemporary Folk Week
Ellis Paul
John Gorka
David Wilcox
Vance Gilbert
Don Henry
Tyler Ramsey
Crys Matthews
Elise Witt
Laurie MacAllister
Joe Craven
Cliff Eberhardt
Nora Jane Struthers
Greg Greenway

Guitar Week
Clive Carroll
Josh Turner
Greg Ruby
Patrick Landeza
Vicki Genfan
Cesar Garabini
Ray Chesna
Danny Knicely
Scott Ainslie
Toby Walker
Robin Bullock
Ed Dodson
Sean McGowan
Tony McManus


October 1, 2023

Al Petteway, one of the kindest, gentlest and most humble people I have ever known died on Sept. 25 after a short illness.

Al was a Grammy-winner, one of the Gathering’s Master Music Makers and the Coordinator of our Guitar Week for 25 years, and did all the guitar demos for Dream Guitars for at least as long. If you’ve ever browsed guitars on their website, you’ve heard Al.

He was one of the most sensitive and creative accompanists I’ve ever heard and his solo fingerstyle guitar performances and compositions have influenced scores of musicians.

I was proud, honored, blessed to call him my friend. He has now traveled into whatever’s next, leaving a guitar-shaped hole in the lives of so many.

Fare well, my dear, dear friend.
Jim Magill
Director, The Swannanoa Gathering


September 10, 2023

Our 2024 dates are here!

WEEK 1, June 30-July 6
          Fiddle Week

          Mando & Banjo Week

WEEK 2, July 7-13
          Trad. Song Week

WEEK 3, July 14-20
          Celtic Week

WEEK 4, July 21-27
          Old-Time Week

WEEK 5, July 28-Aug. 3
          Contemporary Folk Week

          Guitar Week


September 20, 2023

For the 2024 workshops we will no longer require that all attendees be vaccinated against Covid-19, however, we strongly recommend that all attendees receive the ‘updated vaccine’ against Covid that was released this fall.