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Pre-register for the 2022 Swannanoa Gathering Here!

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The pre-registration Deadline is February 7th at 5pm Eastern. 

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2022 Dates:

Fiddle Week: June 26 – July 2

Mando/Banjo Week: June 26 – July 2

Traditional Song Week: July 3-9

Celtic Week: July 10-16

Old-Time Week: July 17-23

Guitar Week: July 24-30

Contemporary Folk Week: July 24-30

General Registration will open in the spring. A fall newsletter was mailed out on December 14th to those on the mailing list to receive a hard copy, at the time that addresses were sent to the printer. A spring course catalog will go out to those on our mailing list who have opted for physical mailings. Both will also be posted on our website. You can join our mailing list under the “About Us” section of our website. Information about 2022 instructors and courses will not be available until the catalog is published, although many instructors are highlighted in the fall newsletter.

Pre-registration is for those who plan to attend, regardless of participating instructors and course offerings. Once the catalog has been published, Pre-registrants get to choose their classes before general registrants. Pre-registrants, however, are not guaranteed their class choices, as many classes will fill up quickly with pre-registrants. Pre-registration just sets you up for the best chances at getting the instructors and classes that you want. All pre-registrants are on “equal footing” leading up to class selections, as long as you pre-register by the pre-registration deadline of February 7th, 2022.

Pre-registrants will get an email letting you know when pre-registrants can select classes. With email communications, spam filters can sometimes make it difficult for successful communication, but we do our best to try to confirm that emails to pre-registrants and registrants have been received and read. Be sure to add “” to your email’s contact list/address book. If you do find an email from us in your spam folder, be sure to mark it “not spam”.

The 2022 Swannanoa Gathering will be held in-person, but with the addition of a number of safety protocols to promote a safe and healthy experience for all attendees. In accordance with Warren Wilson College’s safety guidelines, one of those safety measures will be the requirement that all attendees, instructors, and staff be able to provide documentation that they have been fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus, cross-checked and verified with a photo ID. By next summer, “fully-vaccinated” may include a booster. Protocol details will be shared as they develop and are subject to change before the beginning of the Swannanoa Gathering. The Swannanoa Gathering and Warren Wilson College are not responsible for impacts of any relevant travel restrictions, such as international flight purchases, as well as the impacts of any changes to policy and procedure for the 2022 Swannanoa Gathering and the registration process. Please see our Cancellation and Refund policy below.

Housing Note: On-campus housing is in student dormitories, with shared restrooms/showers.  While we try our best to accommodate medical conditions, there may not be enough relevant dorm rooms available to accommodate everyone. If you absolutely require certain housing accommodations, we recommend that you look into hotels, Airbnbs, etc. in the area.

If you have a question, please e-mail

If you would like to join our general mailing list, you can sign up here. The general mailing list gets a newsletter late fall and a catalog in the spring each year.