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2024 Timeline

Fall Newsletter is Published December  Mailed out on Dec. 5
Email  Sent to our Mailing List December  Sent out Dec. 19/20
Pre-registration Opens!  December 1 Closed Feb. 5 (11 PM EST)
Work Exchange Application is Posted December 1 Apply Here!
Youth Scholarship Application is Posted January 2 Apply Here! (and learn more)
Pre-registration Closes February 5 (11 PM Eastern Time)
Work Exchange Application Deadline TBD (11 PM Eastern Time) Apply Here!
2024 Course Catalog The physical mailing will mail out by Feb. 16
Pre-registrants will be sent a digital version soon after.
The digital catalog will be available on our website by March 4
Class Sign-Ups for Pre-registrants Only March 2 (1 PM EST) Details emailed to pre-registrants on Feb. 6.
General Registration Opens March 13 (11 AM EDT) The Link Will be Posted Here.
Youth Scholarship Application Deadline April 2 (9 PM EDT) Applicants will hear back by May.
Full Payment Due By May 31 Payment Information

* The order in which you pre-register, does not affect your registration but pre-registering at all, does.

2024 Dates

Fiddle Week: June 30 – July 6
Mando & Banjo Week: June 30 – July 6
Traditional Song Week: July 7 – 13
Celtic Week: July 14 – 20
Old-Time Week: July 21 – 27
Guitar Week: July 28 – August 3
Contemporary Folk Week: July 28 – August 3

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