2023 General Registration Instructions



  • IN THE PAYMENT SECTION AT THE END OF THE FORM YOU MUST CLICK EITHER “DEPOSIT” OR “THE FULL TUITION.” Once you have made your deposit, remaining balances are due by May 31st. You can pay your full balance, or make a payment towards your balance. If you are registering after May 31st, full payment is due at time of registration.  


If you already know which classes you wish to register for, you can go straight to the Registration Forms by CLICKING ON THE LINKS FOUND BELOW AT #4.


How to Register:

  1. You can view the catalog content here, if needed:
    PDF Downloads: https://swangathering.com/camp-experience/downloads/
    Website content versions: http://swangathering.com/#week-detail-jump
  2. Please take some time to read through the Program Information section, found on the first few pages of the full catalog. Then, have a look at the section for your week. Remember, that if you are participating in Mando/Banjo or Fiddle week, you can select classes from either, just be sure that they don’t conflict. Same goes for Guitar and Contemporary Folk. You CANNOT combine classes from weeks that do not fall in the same calendar week. 
  1. If a class is listed as “Closed,” it means that the wait list is also full.
  2. Stop and think about what classes you wish to take. Do you really want to take a class in every period? Although our ‘open format’ allows students to take as many classes as the schedule will allow, many students find that one or two classes give them plenty to work on, and use the free periods for practice. Remember, also, that class size is limited to 15 unless indicated otherwise in the course descriptions, so out of consideration for others, “take all you want, but want all you take.”
  3. The links to the Class Signup forms for each Program are found below.


(NOTE: These links will begin working on Wednesday 3/15/23 at 11:00 AM Eastern)
Referring to the schedule to avoid time conflicts, go to the registration form for the week you want to attend:

Class Signup Form Links:

NOTE: Campus Housing for Guitar/Contemporary Folk Week is not available to new registrants due to the quantity of currently reserved rooms.

      • Mandolin & Banjo Week/Fiddle Week
      • Traditional Song Week
      • Celtic Week
      • Old-Time Music & Dance Week
      • Guitar Week/Contemporary Folk Week
  • Enter in your payment information and click the “Process Registration” button.
  • You will receive an automatic reply from our online system that will serve as a receipt. This email will show the results from your class selections, how much you are paying today (might be $0) , and the total amount due by May 31, 2023. It will also contain the information to upload your proof of vaccination/photo ID.

If you are having trouble with the registration forms, please see our help page here: https://swangathering.com/register/information/registration-help/

Questions? please e-mail: gathering@warren-wilson.edu

– Our housing coordinator does their best to accommodate housing requests, especially for medical conditions (doctor’s notes), but there is no way to guarantee particular accommodations to all who request one. If you need an absolute guarantee, we recommend you look into staying off campus. There are several airbnb or hotel options in the area, searching for “Swannanoa, NC”.

We cannot guarantee building requests, but please feel free to mention your request when you sign up for classes, in the notes section. If you have any medical conditions requiring certain accommodations, including “No stairs,” wheelchair access, access to refrigerated medication storage, etc, please include those as well in the notes. We reserve the right to require a doctor’s note for some situations, but will reach out if one is needed. This is due to the number of rooms and requests.