Fall Newsletter 2020 – P.S.

• If you know someone who’s considering a college, our Admissions Office would like to know about them! Contact them at 1-800-934-3536 or <admit@warrren-wilson.edu>

• If you’re considering joining us and are wondering what kind of environment you can expect, just remember that the Swannanoa Gathering is not a conference center or resort, but a music camp held on a college campus (Remember camp? Remember college?). Although the support services of the college do a great job accomodating our requests, they also have their own schedules and other duties. We may not be Club Med, but we work hard to make everyone feel welcome. And, unfortunately, until we can afford that biodome, I’m afraid we can’t control the weather, either.

• If you’re interested in carpooling to the Gathering, check out the ‘RideShare’ page at our website.

• One common question on our evaluations concerns why different instructors teaching the same class are scheduled at the same time, since many folks expressed a desire to study with both. The reason we have additional sections of the same class is not to provide a double shot of the course to the same group of students, but to allow more students to take the class. To achieve this, we schedule them at the same time to make people choose. The good news is that we work hard to ensure that any choice will be a winner. And for you Celtic and Old-Time Week fiddlers, Fiddle Week should offer you a second opportunity to take classes in your favorite styles.

• Children under 12 may continue to stay in a room with two adults, at least one of whom is a registered student, at no charge. The accompanying adult should provide bedding for the child and the second adult must agree to the arrangement, otherwise it will be charged as a single room.