Guitar Week – July 25-30, 2021

(NOTE: This is a description of last year’s program. The info will be updated for 2022 when our catalog is published in March)

With necessity being the mother of invention, I welcome you to SGOnline’s Guitar Week. When Director Jim Magill informed me that we would be virtual this year, I was devastated knowing we all wouldn’t meet in person. But soon, this feeling gave way to the excitement of possibility. Throughout the pandemic, I have stayed in touch with our fabulous staff. They have continued to inspire me with their artistic resilience in creating new venues to share their love and knowledge of the guitar. Subsequently, this crucible of change has forced the hand of adaptation and thus, the refinement of our staff as online teachers and performers. SGOnline’s Guitar Week 2021 will provide the Swannanoa Gathering community the opportunity to experience this under one “tent.”

SGOnline will feature some of the Swannanoa Gathering’s all-time favorite guitar instructors including veteran staff Robin Bullock, Sean McGowen, Toby Walker, Scott Ainslie, Steve Baughman, Clive Carroll, Tony McManus, Allen Shadd and Coordinator Greg Ruby. We are excited that 2019 sensations Christie Lenée and Grant Gordy will be returning as we welcome newcomers Cory Seznec and Yasmin Williams.

This year, our veteran staff includes Al Petteway, Mike Dowling, Gerald Ross, David Jacobs-Strain, Robin Bullock, Sean McGowan, Scott Ainslie, Jamie Stillway, Ed Dodson, Clive Carroll, Tony McManus, Steve James, Greg Ruby and Steve Baughman, who will be joined by Buddhist monk, Rev. Heng Sure to teach a class on music and meditation. Gonzalo Bergara and Grant Gordy return for their second year, as we welcome newcomers Cory Seznec and Yasmin Williams.

The week will provide quality guitar instruction at every level and in multiple genres and traditions. Whether you are a beginner just learning your first chords, an intermediate player exploring a new genre or a gigging musician hoping to bring your playing to a new level, Guitar Week will help you grow as a musician in a supportive community of acoustic guitar lovers. With classes in blues, slide guitar, bluegrass, jazz, swing, Celtic, claw-hammer (guitar), composition, technique, flatpicking, percussive and fingerstyle, we make an extra effort to have something for everyone. We look forward to this new experience with all of you this summer.

                                                                                                                –  Greg Ruby, Guitar Week Coordinator