Traditional Song Week – July 7-13, 2024



The Covid-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges to the safe presentation of in-person gatherings of all types. Our safety protocols are guided by the findings of the national Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Buncombe County Health Department and those of Warren Wilson College.

For the last two years, we have required documentation, verified with a photo ID, that all participants have received a COVID-19 vaccine primary series and have gotten the most recent booster dose recommended by the CDC.

Covid is still with us, but its prevalence has receded to the point where we no longer require vaccination, but still strongly recommend it. Anyone testing positve for Covid during the Gathering will be asked to leave in order to limit the spread of the virus among the participants. Participants will be updated throughout the spring of any changes or additions to these safety measures.


Traditional Song Week realizes a dream of a comprehensive program completely devoted to traditional styles of singing. Unlike programs where singing takes a back seat to the instrumentalists, it is the main focus of this week, which aims to help restore the power of songs within the larger traditional music scene. Here, finally, is a place where you can develop and grow in confidence about your singing, and have lots of fun with other folks devoted to their own song journeys. Come gather with us to explore various traditional song genres under the guidance of experienced, top-notch instructors. When singers gather together, magical moments are bound to happen!

This year, Traditional Song Week is proud to present a gathering of highly influential singers and musicians who have remained devoted over the years to preserving and promoting traditional song. We will include many opportunities for students to perform for an audience. Beyond the student showcase on Friday, there will be opportunities to apply what you’ve learned to the delight of other students and staff. Our Community Gathering Time affords us the opportunity to experience together, as one group, diverse topics concerning our shared love of traditional song. We will carry on the tradition of gathering three of the five days directly after lunch from 1:15-2:15. This year’s spotlight will feature panels on topics that reflect the styles of our diverse staff. These will include ‘The African American Traditions’, ‘How Songs Are Made’, and ‘Traditional Southern Singing’. This summer will feature classes in both traditional and contemporary gospel, voice technique from a variety of perspectives, sea chanteys, Irish songs, blues, songs from movements & protests, as well as a variety of ways to build confidence with your instrumental acompaniment and your performance. You may choose to focus on writing in the tradition, learning duet harmony, singing ballads from the mountains that surround us or from across the ocean, or just simply experience the magic of community singing. The week will also feature concerts and nightly singing sessions, with ample opportunity to participate. Bring a friend and come join us for a week you will never forget!