Campus & Program Policies

Class Waitlists:

If you are on the waitlist for a class that is full, and a space opens up, we will offer the class in turn to each person on the list until the space is filled.  Please respect those ahead of you on the waitlist by not asking the instructor about sitting in on the class.  They will simply refer you to us. 

Tobacco & Alcohol Policy/Illegal Substances:

Please do not smoke or vape ANYWHERE on campus.  Alcohol is allowed in your rooms and in the evenings in the Bryson Gym/Formal Garden/Pavilion area.  When checking out, please do not leave any alcohol in your rooms.  If necessary, bring it to the Gathering Office for disposal. Any evidence of illegal substances or activity will immediately be dealt with by Campus Security and offenders will be required to leave the premises, ending their participation in the program. Any damage (including odor) caused to a dorm room or any other campus property due to smoking or vaping tobacco products or illegal substances, will be charged to the registrant(s) assigned to that room.

Trash & Recycling:

As a campus community, we strive to be environmentally responsible, and ask that our guests do the same.  Please use the trash and recycling receptacles you will find throughout the campus and in the residence halls. Trash left outside WILL attract bear and other wildlife. There will be two “bear proof” trash cans; one located at the Pavilion area and the other near the coffee break/beer tent area.

Video & Audio Recording Policy:

Most of our instructors encourage the use of small audio recorders as a classroom memory aid.  Students wishing to videotape classes will be required to obtain the permission of the instructor prior to the first class meeting, and must sign a release form (turned into the P.S.C. Office) stating that no commercial or internet use will be made of any recorded materials. Blank forms can be retrieved at the P.S.C. Office.

Warren Wilson College was founded in 1894 by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) as the Asheville Farm School, later combined with Dorland-Bell School and the Asheville Normal Teachers College.  In 1966 we became an accredited four-year liberal arts institution.  Our 1,100+ acre campus is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside the city of Asheville, and it includes a 300-acre farm, some 650 acres of forest, and an archaeological dig dating back to 3,000 B.C.  The campus includes housing for over 800 students and many faculty and staff members.  Approximately 900 students are enrolled at Warren Wilson College with 22 major disciplines.  The campus also has a low-residency graduate program, the MFA Program in Creative Writing.


The college community insists on regard for the rights of others at all times.  It is assumed that each visitor and member of this community bases decisions upon standards of honesty, decency, and integrity.  The following regulations for those attending conferences and other events such as the Gathering have been set forth as rules of acceptable conduct at Warren Wilson College, to maintain the best possible conditions for all those who live, work, study, and play here.  Failure to adhere to these regulations may jeopardize a conference guest’s privilege to use college facilities and services.

  1. Conference participants and guests are required to abide by all local, state, and federal laws as well as all College policies and regulations.
  2. College property is to be treated with care and respect.  Littering, damage or maltreatment of buildings, lawns and surrounding areas will not be tolerated.  Conferees will be responsible for payment for property that is damaged, lost, or stolen.
  3. NO camping, RV camping, Car camping, or equivalent is allowed on campus property. Guests/Attendees must stay in either campus housing, or off-campus.
  4. All College-furnished equipment must be left in the room or facility as found unless permission is granted from the building manager or designated representative for removal or rearrangement.  If permission is granted, then it is the conferee’s responsibility on departure to see that all equipment is returned to its original place.
  5. The purchase, possession or use of drugs known as “controlled substances” is forbidden by law.
  6. The possession or use of firearms, weapons, and fireworks is illegal.  Candles & incense are also NOT allowed.
  7. No gambling is permitted on Warren Wilson College property.
  8. We will have beer and wine available on campus for those 21 years of age and older during selected evenings of The Swannanoa Gathering.  Participants of legal drinking age may also bring their own alcoholic beverages onto the campus for private consumption.  Anyone who consumes alcoholic beverages in public areas of the campus other than those designated is in violation of College policy.  Public display of liquor or wine bottles is also not permitted.
  9. Short-term program attendees or Conference attendees are NOT permitted to bring pets. Service animals are welcome. Note:WWC full-time college students and WWC employees have separate rules and guidelines around pets on campus.
  10. Smoking is not allowed in any campus building.
  11. Any person, group, or organization using College facilities who is found to be violating local, state, federal, or other governmental authority rules or regulations or is in violation of College policy may be asked, at the discretion of the College to leave College property immediately.
  12. We are not responsible for lost or stolen property.  If staying on campus, we encourage you to keep your room and vehicles locked at all times.