Checkout is in Sunderland between 8:00-10:00 AM on Saturday and checkout procedures will be posted in the residence halls.  You may drop off your key and meal card and retrieve your deposits from 8:00 to 10:00 AM on Saturday.  If you need to leave early, please notify the Gathering Office by Wednesday. Triple-check your room before you leave, as we can neither be responsible for left items nor guarantee their return. You must have your room cleared out by 10:00 AM, as cleaning needs to begin immediately.


  • Leave the folded blanket on the desk chair and your pillow on the bed.
  • Place sheets and towels in the pillowcase and place in the hallway.
  • Make sure that Windows, Lights, Ceiling Fans, A/C are Closed/Turned Off.
  • Dispose of food, large trash, or recycling at the centralized trash and recycling dorm bins.
  • Leave your room unlocked when you leave.
  • Borrowed a fan or lamp? Please bring with you to Check-Out in Sunderland.


If you are checking out early and our Team is not available, place your key and meal card in the wooden drop box on the shelf in the Sunderland Lobby. 

Evaluation Forms:

At the end of each week, we ask that you take a moment to complete our digital evaluation form; these help us shape the ongoing development of the workshops. Your comments do make a difference! Your instructors also value your feedback. To complete your evaluation, you can simply login to your Swannanoa Gathering website account. When the evaluation period is open for a particular week, you will see a big button that says, “Fill Out Evaluation For This Week”.

When you login to your account on our website and go to your User Page, you can complete an evaluation at the end of the week.
An Attendee Contact List will be available on your User Page by, or before, you arrive to camp.
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 Thank You For Joining Us!