Wholesome and plentiful meals are served cafeteria-style in the Gladfelter Student Center. The school grows many of its vegetables and produces milk and dairy products. Sodexo Services provides the college on-campus food service, utilizing much of the college’s farm fresh products. (Click on the below photo to open the article.)

Vegetarian, low-sodium, vegan, and some gluten-free, salads, desserts, and beverage selections are available at all meals. Sodexo’s experienced kitchen staff plans daily menus to meet the needs of students with food allergies. Those with specific dietary needs should contact the dining hall directly: (828) 298-1041;
Adults staying off campus may purchase a meal ticket for $180, and meal tickets for children under 12 may be purchased for $140. Meals may also be purchased individually. (Click here for Pricing)
Meals are not served in the cafeteria on Saturday during lunch and dinner, or Sunday during breakfast and lunch.      
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Dining/Meal Cards:

Check your schedule for meal times. Your meal card is good from one of each meal per day from Sunday’s supper through Saturday’s breakfast. You MUST present your meal card at each meal. Lost cards can be replaced at the Gathering Office for $20. If you signed up for housing, you will receive a meal card when you check in. A $10 meal card deposit is required, which, like your key deposit, will be returned at checkout or can also be donated to the Youth Scholarship program. 


During most evening events, a concession stand (cash only) located between Bryson Gym and St. Clair will sell beer, wine, soft drinks, and a food truck will sell cooked snack items.
There is also the Owl’s Nest Café in the basement level of Sunderland which will be open for coffee Monday through Friday, July 1 – Aug. 2,  8:00-3:30 

There is no campus store.


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