Accessibility Guide

Our mountain campus is beautiful, but hilly, and those with mobility difficulties or limitations may find it challenging. Before registering, students should give reasonable consideration to their ability to participate in the program without assistance.
Although we help where we can, we don’t have the resources, personnel or expertise to provide assistance to those with prohibitive health issues or disabilities.

Because of our location and generally shaded residence halls/dorm buildings, most dorms on campus do not have air conditioning. We have box fans (a limited, but reasonable number) for folks to borrow for the week, if needed.

Requests can be made during registration for AC, a more centrally located housing assignment, no stairs, accessible shower, etc. but we often have more requests than we have availability. We do our best, but in some cases it may make more sense to make arrangements for off-campus housing, such as an area hotel or short-term rental/airbnb.

There are handicap parking spaces around campus, but there can be more permitted attendees than available spaces.
If you have a DMV issued handicap parking permit/tag, please indicate so on your registration form. We will also issue you a campus “close-in” parking permit to display on your dash. This will give you access to additional designated non-handicap parking spots that are still located closer to the various buildings/areas. Spaces are still limited.

Some folks will rent a golf cart from an area business or rent or bring a mobility device. If you plan to do so, please let us know, but we cannot arrange these for you.

Below, is a general campus map that gives you a general feel for campus and designated handicap parking spaces.
Below that, is a map showing the most commonly used routes with moderate inclines/slopes.
Lastly, we have a table giving distances between primary buildings.

Please reach out to us with further questions. (


General Campus Map

Map showing major inclines/slopes for walking.
Approximate walking distances given below map.