Rideshare Form

  1. Fill in your name, phone number, and email address where matches can contact you.
  2. Choose whether you have a ride to offer, or need a ride.
  3. If you are looking for riders, include how many folks you have room for, the city you will be departing from, your departure date, city you will be returning to, and your return date.
  4. If you need a ride, include how many people are seeking a ride, the city you wish to depart from, your departure date, city you wish to return to, and your return date.
  5. In the “Comments” field, include any info you deem pertinent such as the size/type of your vehicle, if you’re carrying large instruments, if you’re a smoker or not, whether sharing of driving or expenses is expected, etc.
  6. When travel arrangements have been made, each person involved please send us an email at gathering@warren-wilson.edu, so we will know to remove your listing.