What to Wear & Bring

What to Wear:

Generally, the climate here is delightful.  During the summer, daytime temperatures typically range between upper-70’s and low 90’s with an occasional afternoon shower.  Often the nights are cool but humid.  Our mountain campus is beautiful but hilly, and those with physical problems may find it challenging.  Students should give reasonable consideration to their ability to get around without assistance.  Although we help when we can, we don’t have the resources to provide mobility assistance to all who require it.  Please notify us if you have special needs.  Plan to bring casual clothing (suitable for evening events, as well as classes), comfortable shoes, something warm for cool evenings and some rain gear or umbrella – just in case!


What to Bring:

Linens are provided and will be in your rooms when you arrive; you will be supplied towels (bath and hand), washcloth, sheets and pillowcase as well as one light blanket and one pillow.  As these linens may not be what you’re used to at home, you may wish to bring an extra towel, favorite pillow and heavier blanket.  These are dormitory mattresses and pillows and as such are covered in a plastic washable fabric.  Some Gathering folks have found that bringing their own pillow and a mattress pad or an inexpensive twin size foam mattress cover really does help make the beds more comfortable.  Parents with small children staying in the residence hall will need to provide the child’s bedding, including air mattress or cot, pillow, blanket and linensFree bottled water will NOT be provided..

Other items which have proven useful to folks in the past:

   insect repellent         □   flip-flops or shower shoes          □   baby/child stroller or wagon

□   backup phone charger           toiletries including soap

□   gig bag, backpack straps and/or small luggage

□   flashlight          □   fan             □   cart for toting instruments around campus

□   small coffee maker            □   a music stand           □   water bottle (Please label your bottle!)

□   an audio recording device             □   ear plugs            □   laundry detergent for laundry

□   A few K-N95/N95 masks            □   Home Covid-19 test kits         

□  Portable phone charger/power bank

□   CASH: Three $10 dollar bills for room key, meal card, and cafeteria to-go container program deposits, if applicable.  Cash for purchases at the beer tent (cash only).


We have a limited number of fans and reading lamps. If any items are essential to your comfort, plan to bring your own.  Campus wide Wifi will be available.. If you are bringing a video recorder, please see the policy statement regarding videotaping as described in our catalog under “Class Information”.