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2024 Formula for Gas Monies 

If we are providing travel money for your gas to drive here, in the ‘Additional riders’ section you may see an amount that was determined using the following formula for 2024. It assumes that you own a vehicle that gets at least 24 miles per gallon and that gas averages $3.50 per gallon:Roundtrip mileage from your home and Swannanoa (using Mapquest or Google Maps) ÷ 24mpg × $3.50/gal.= travel amount, rounded up to the nearest $10.

Class Handouts

If you have any handouts for your classes, we prefer that you send them in advance either as a .pdf attachment via email to, share them via google drive or another file-sharing service with full permissions, or, IF more convenient, send them through the mail to The Swannanoa Gathering, Warren Wilson College, PO Box 9000, Asheville, NC 28815-9000. Please make sure that all document file names begin with the two-letter abbreviation of your program (MB, FD, TS, CL, OT, GT or CF) followed by the instructor’s last name, and the class title, with no spaces or punctuation. Example: CLJonesBodhranI.pdf. Please include the quantity for each handout, but note that we ask you to limit copies to no more than 20 single-sided sheets per student for each class. For classes with a limit of 15, that would be a maximum of 300 sheets for that class. Classes without limits will have a maximum of 600 sheets. Our copying costs have been excessive in the past and we appreciate your cooperation in this matter. If you would like your handouts included in a Google Drive folder that only your students have access to, just let Kimberly Ann know. We set this function up on our website login in 2021 and will still have it available. This is helpful to students with tablets or laptops and will also give students a set period of easy access to download the documents once they are back home.

**If you have handouts for Monday and you can’t send them electronically or mail them, you may bring them with you to be copied when you arrive on Sunday, but please arrange this with us in advance so we’ll have someone available to make copies that day.

Tax Forms

We only need W-9s or other tax forms from new folks, folks who have moved/changed information, or those whose W-9 on file is more than three years old. If you fall into one of these categories and we did not include a W-9 with your contract (or email you international tax forms), please let us know (

Approved Vendor: Jackson Grimm

 This is Jackson’s 2nd season as our approved vendor and he has helped out at the Gathering in a variety of ways over the last decade including 2 years of vending for Acoustic Corner, assistant teaching, and various positions through the work exchange program.  He also was a Youth Scholar at the Gathering during his time at Warren Wilson. Jackson is a full time musician, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in his own right as well.

Selling price  minus NC sales tax (7%)  = Before tax price  minus Store commission (15%)  = Amount to Artist
$20.00  $1.40 $18.60  $2.79 $15.81


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