General Itinerary:

Check-in is from 2 PM – 6 PM on Sunday; you can move into your room beginning at 3PM.
The cafeteria is open for dinner from 5:00 – 6:30 PM
Orientation begins at 7 PM – It is strongly recommended to attend orientation.
Late check-in runs from 8:00 – 10 PM (For those unable to arrive until Monday morning, or later, can pre-arrange to check in when they arrive.)
Classes begin Monday morning at 9 AM
Evening activities begin at 7:30 PM
Check-out is on Saturday from 8 AM – 10 AM (Friday or early check-out can be accommodated.)
The cafeteria is open for breakfast on Saturday morning, but not for lunch or dinner.

Our Community:

One of the aspects of The Swannanoa Gathering that makes this event so special is the community created over the course of the week.  For the summer, Gathering participants also become part of the greater Warren Wilson College community.  We want the week to go well for all, so please: pick up after yourself; use trash and recycling receptacles; if you move chairs from jam areas, put them back for the next folks; respect the 10:00 PM Quiet Hour inside of the residence halls and jam or socialize outside away from the residence halls; hike the campus trails, or visit the farm.

Our Admin. Team:
Jim Magill – Director
Kimberly Ann Clark – Operations Manager
Wynn Walter – Housing Coordinator
Anna Dean – Work Exchange Coordinator
David Fee – Logistics Coordinator


Participant Support & Care Office
located in Room 114 on the 1st Floor of Sunderland Hall/off lobby.

  • Housing needs (linen issues, maintenance or janitorial reporting, fan check-out)
  • WiFi assistance
  • Class change request assistance
  • Instrument Check/Lock-Up is a few doors down at Room 122
  • Lost & Found (Often, items such as car keys, are taken to the Public Safety Office)
  • Instructor Copy/Print needs (Students should visit the Campus Library for copy/print needs)
  • Leave a message (or have a question/need) for the Operations Manager or Director
    **The P.S.C. Office connects to the Operation Manager’s office, which connects to the Director’s office.
    It is preferable that you check-in first with the P.S.C. Office, who can then retrieve or communicate to the Ops. Manager. The P.S.C. Crew can often assist you with your needs or questions.

2 PM – 10 PM, Sunday
8 AM – 6 PM, Monday
8 AM – 5 PM, Tuesday – Friday

Additional ways to communicate with our Operations Manager:

After 5 PM, please contact Public Safety for any immediate/nightly needs or concerns. See below.

Room Keys/Residence Hall Codes:

Keys for rooms will be issued at check-in.  A $10 deposit is required for each key and will be returned at checkout. Key deposits donated each week to our Youth Scholarship program help fund the scholarships, of which 15 were awarded this summer.
Residence Hall Codes will be issued at check-in.
If you forget your code, you can text 828-298-3434 (before 5 PM), visit the P.S.C. Office (before 5 PM), or contact Public Safety (after 5 PM).

Campus Security & Public Safety:
The Campus Public Safety Office is located in the lower level of the Ogg Building (across from the cafeteria).  Their phone number is 828-230-4592. (call or text). In case of an emergency, please dial 911, and then contact Public Safety.  There are 3 emergency call boxes (look for blue light) located on campus: in front of Boone, in the Kittredge Theatre parking lot, and the gravel lot behind/below Boon. Please keep your vehicles and residence hall rooms locked at all times.  We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. 

Medical Services:
If anyone should require medical attention during the Gathering, they will be referred to:
(in order of distance from WWC; times given in ideal traffic)

In the event of an EMERGENCY – CALL 911 and notify WWC Public Safety immediately (and then the Gathering Office as soon as you are able).  Ambulance, fire, or police will respond as needed.
Public Safety: 828-230-4592     Gathering Office: 828-298-3434

Mercy Urgent Care: https://mercyurgentcare.org/east-asheville/     (828) 209-8679    1272 Tunnel Rd., Asheville, NC 28805   35.58571999927946, -82.47353757043703  8-10 minutes West

MinuteClinic at CVS: https://www.cvs.com/minuteclinic/clinic-locator/   (866) 389-2727    11 River Ridge Dr., Asheville, NC 28803    35.57048762314279, -82.50548302617649  11-15 minutes West

Novant Health-GoHealth Urgent Carewww.gohealthuc.com/novant-asheville , (828) 419-1035   201 NC-9, Black Mountain, NC 28711    35.615009980427054, -82.31850180525112  13-15 minutes East

Mission Hospital ER in downtown Asheville:
   (828) 213-1111    509 Biltmore Ave., Asheville, NC 28801       35.578116353764834, -82.54901374986376  17-20 minutes West