Glad Program

Warren Wilson College has been a leader in sustainability for over 20 years. The to-go containers are a huge step in ensuring that we do what we can towards sustainability, as Sodexo worked closely with the CORE crew to develop this system. 

  • Participants wanting to take their food to-go can place a deposit of $10.00 to take part in the program, at which time, you will receive a carabiner. This will occur at Check-In, but our team in Sunderland can get you set up, if you decide at a later time.
  • You turn the carabiner into the Gladfelter door person to receive a clean box.
  • We ask that you rinse the box (if possible) prior to bringing it back but it isn’t mandatory.
  • When you return, you can opt to get a clean box or a carabiner for your next meal.
  • Upon their last meal, you should ask for a carabiner to return to our team upon check out.